RPMI1640 Medium without Amino Acid


RPMI-1640 was developed by Moore, et al. at Roswell Park Memorial Institute, hence the acronym RPMI. The formulation is based on the RPMI-1630 series of media using a bicarbonate buffer system and alterations in amino acid and vitamin amounts. RPMI-1640 medium has been used for the culture of normal and neoplastic human leukocytes. RPMI-1640, when properly supplemented, has demonstrated broad applicability in supporting the growth of many types of cultured cells, including fresh human lymphocytes in the 72-hour phytohemagglutinin (PHA) stimulation assay.

Appearance: Yellow to an orange, homogeneous, free-flowing powder

Solubility: Yellow, clear, complete

pH: As Reported

Endotoxin: ≤1EU/ml

Directions per litre

Dissolve 8.59 g in 800-900 ml of ddH2O with gentle stirring until completely dissolved. Add 2 g/L of sodium bicarbonate. Adjust the pH of the medium to the desired level. Add additional water to bring the solution to 1L. Filter and sterilize with a 0.22 µm membrane filter. Aliquot into sterile containers. Do not autoclave. Contains thermolabile compounds that can be damaged by autoclaving.

Storage and stability

Store powdered media at room temperature. Stable for 12 months after receipt. Opened bottles should be tightly capped and kept in a dark, low-humidity environment. Prepared media should be stored at 4 °C and used within a short period of time.

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