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University of Liverpool

 Kirstasll Limited






Advances in In-Vitro Cell and Tissue Culture  

and 5th Annual Quasi-Vivo ® User Group Meeting 

21-22 May 2013 

Liverpool England



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Keynote papers have been invited from the Following Internationally recognised Speakers 


  • Professor Alicia El Haj, Director ISTM Keele University 
  • Dr Andrew Bennett FRAME Laboratory Nottingham 
  • Prof Dr rer nat Andreas K Nüssler, Medicyte Heidelberg 
  • Dr Paul De Sousa Chief Scientist, Roslin Cells Ltd. Edinburgh 
  • Dr Bill GreenhalfRoyal Liverpool University Hospital 
  • Professor Thomas Hartung, John Hopkins University, Baltimore
  • Professor Patricia Murray, Institute of Translational Medicine, University of Liverpool


Contributions are solicited NOW on the following topics: 

  • Stem Cell Differentiation 
  • Lung Models 
  • Kidney Model 
  • Cornea/Whole eye models 
  • Liver Cell cytotoxicity 
  • Cancer Cell biology 
  • Co-culture models- physiologically more relevant models 
  • Assays and end points/ in built sensors 
  • 3D and Perfusion models/ scaffolds 
  • Business Development session focussing on cell supply



We welcome both oral and poster contributions 

    Second Call for Papers closes 28th February 2013


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Contact Conference Chair - Professor John Hunt