The UK Centre for Tissue Engineering (UKCTE) is a research unit in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine in the University of Liverpool, Division of Clinical Engineering, School of Clinical Sciences in the Faculty for Health and Life Sciences.

Mission Statement of the UKCTE:

To extend the base of scientific knowledge that
underpins tissue engineering and to translate
this knowledge to the development of
commercial products and clinical treatments for
healing injured and diseased tissues


The research programmes of UKCTE are funded by the Research Councils (EPSRC, BBSRC, MRC), European Commission and small and major biomedical industries. The laboratories in Liverpool were a major part of the world-renowned Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (IRCol) in Tissue Engineering and received major infrastructure funding through an award by the Joint Infrastructure fund (JIF).

The major research themes are:

  • Design and construction of Biomaterials for medical devices & scaffolds for regenerative medicine;
  • Biocompatibility;
  • Cellular and acellular engineering of soft, skeletal and vascular tissues; 
  • Novel bioreactors for cellular therapies.